Tuesday, March 4, 2014

She Sews

Yes folks! I sat down at the sewing machine yesterday and starting free-motion stitching on this quilt. It's one that I had started before my anti-sewing phase began. So it just sat there and waited for me.

And because I just couldn't stop playing with faces, I decided to make a mosaic with all the faces from February's challenge.

I hope you are having a cheerful day. Today we got snow. Oh yay! (lots of sarcasm in that "yay")


  1. Love the new quilt. Faces are playful and fun, but no more snow...thought YAY I doubt it. xox

  2. Beautiful Terri. I'm glad this quilt sad quietly waiting for you during your anti-sewing days. :)


  3. How joyful to see you sewing. Lovely faces and each one with its own personality. Fabulous Dear...

  4. I love your little girl design! the fabric is perfect :)

  5. I really admire you for doing the faces challenge! That's a nice portfolio that you have there. This piece is going to be so nice too!

  6. That quilt fabric is so beautiful. Love the bright colors on there. And your mosaic of the 29 faces looks great. Fun to see them together like that ....


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