Monday, June 25, 2012

Pickin' Flowers

I've finished the raw edge applique version of this quilt. Yay!

Commercial cottons, Mistyfuse, Quilter's Dream Cotton Supreme batting

I'm now busy with writing up the instructions for the pattern and proofing and editing and more proofing and more editing. Sigh! I hate that part.

I also was able to complete another composition notebook cover recently. This one uses fabric that I've dyed and discharged and the scrap of light colored fabric is something that I had created when playing with deconstructed screen printing.

I've also been keeping very busy outside in my garden. I love flower gardening and if I didn't have to eat or use the restroom, I'd stay out there all day I think.

Update on my daughter-in-law and pregnancy: Things seem to have settled down and stabilized for now, thank goodness. Baby's heart rate has returned to a normal range. My DIL is still having a lot of discomfort and pain. Evidently the baby is very very low and causing lots of pressure and pain on the spine. We also found out that the baby is measuring larger than estimated for the due date and the doctor may rethink the due date, which is Sept. 8.