Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Big 1000

I can hardly believe it. This is blog post #1000 for this blog. I started the blog in May of 2006 and it's now just shy of six years. When I started blogging I had no idea what would come of it and I have to say that it's such a part of my life now. I was never one to keep a diary throughout my life and now I almost wish I had. When I look back over some of my long ago written posts, I can hardly believe it was something I wrote. Here's to six more years or more!!!

The quilt I'm sharing here with you today is one I have been working on for a couple of weeks or so. It is going to be my entry in The Alliance for American Quilts 2012 contest. The theme for the contest is Home is Where the Quilt Is.

Home Tweet Home

This is the first time I've entered this yearly contest, although I've been aware of it for a few years now. Off hand, I don't know how long this contest has been held. It probably says something on their web site.  All the quilts submitted to the contest are exhibited at various shows around the USA. The quilts are in essence a donation to The Alliance for the American Quilt and may be auctioned at some point.

There's still lots of time to create a quilt if you are so inclined. The entry deadline is June 1. You can read all the details about it here. Entry is open to anyone and you can enter more than one quilt.