Friday, January 7, 2011

How I Plan to Use Unused Scraps and Supplies

Thoughts of Grasses Waving in the Wind
Approx. 13" x 12"

Have you seen the 2011 Journal Quilt Challenge over at 3 Creative Studios? Well if you haven't, you can find all the information about it here. The above quilt is my first for the year and while I won't say that I'll be creating one every week, I will certainly try to do as many as I can.

A few rules I imposed on myself for my 2011 journal quilts are:
  • thread sketching - do some in each quilt
  • use up fabric scraps that have pre-applied fusible (got lots of those)
  • use up batting scraps, when possible (got some of those)
  • quilt size can vary
  • try new free-motion quilting designs
  • use up spools of thread that are almost empty (got lots of those)
  • try odd shapes, not just square or rectangle quilts
I may revise my rules over time, depending. There is a Flickr group set up for those participating in the challenge...and there will be a prize drawing once a month for those who have shared photos.

I actually have done journal quilting in the past. The year was 2007, and I created an 8.5 x 11" quilt every week and ended up with 52 quilts. You can see the final posting of that project here, which shows a small grouping of all 52 quilts.

Oh and hey!  Did you hear that 3 Creative Studios is having a party?  Well there's still time, head on over to this page and leave a comment to be included.  The party ends Saturday night...January 8.


  1. I love this little quilt. Isn't it funny how we all impose rules upon ourselves. Mine are usually deadline or color oriented.

  2. Your first 2011 journal quilt is wonderful Terri. You have set yourself some really interesting challenges for your journal pieces

  3. What a cute little quilt Terri! Once I get moved, I think I'm going to try a journal quilt a week.

    In the meantime, I'll enjoy yours!

  4. I plan to finish mine today, started it last night. I may adopt one of your guidelines too, using up all of the ends of spools of thread. I like the idea that yours don't have to all be the same size too. That's freedom for creativity!

  5. I love how the curve in your quilt echoes the title - so darling!

  6. You finished one already?!?! She really speaks to me. >wowza<

  7. What a great 2011 commitment. That should make for interesting challenges for you. I really like your first "lady".

    auntie jude

  8. I like your guidelines and I really like your quilt! fantastic

  9. Love this and the colors you used. It was fun to look at your past journal quilts. It is almost like you can feel how you were feeling each time.
    You can definitely see you love kitties! :)

  10. I love your quiltlet. It has so many diversified elements that I am entranced looking at each of them. Love your "self imposed rules" and that they can be should be. Happy quilting...

  11. Your journal quilt is wonderful,Terri. I love the thread sketching and the colors.
    Based on your post, I've joined the group also. My first piece will be posted next Friday.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  12. What a great start -- you've set the bar pretty high. I really like the colors in this -- and love that stitching around the edge.

  13. Inspiational Terri.


  14. Great goals for your 2011 quilts -- some of them are not only artistry-inspiring, they're also good for the environment: Use up those scraps! I think I'll do the same!


  15. This charming quilt and your list of 'rules' have inspired me!! Especially the last one about trying odd shapes. Have just finished a small (8 1/2x11) quilt for a challenge and realized how energizing it is to work small. They are faster than huge ones, with more freedom to experiment, no patterns, fewer rules, and lots more FUN! May not get to one a week, but am so glad I found you and 3CS.


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