Thursday, October 21, 2010

Painted Fabric

This is what is on my painting desk today. I spent a good part of the morning quilting on my orange tulip quilt and then took a break from that to do some painting. I was in the mood to do a painting on some fabric scraps.

I started out by taking some neutral colored fabrics and fusing them with Mistyfuse to a medium-weight interfacing. Then I used some #8 perle cotton and added some hand stitching. Next I gessoed over the entire surface. Oh and I did all that yesterday.

So today I drew my design onto the surface and started painting. I'm not quite done with this yet. I need to figure out how I will finish this. Do I want to attached it to a frame, fuse it to some stiff interfacing, or ???.

And before I end this post....I just wanted to take a second to say thanks to all of you who are reading. And thank you also if you've left a comment. I do enjoy your comments.


  1. What an interesting texture. Painting over the bumps must be kind of difficult at times, hmm?

  2. I like this blue haired "young" lady. I usually think of blue hairs as my age or older :)

    So glad you are back to your painting and creating.

    auntie jude

  3. Interesting - I look forward to seeing this develop

  4. Your painting looks wonderful Terri, you always have such wonderful ideas.

  5. looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

  6. I really like this piece. Will I see you at International Quilt Houston? Hope all is well.

    Your blog is alway fun!!

  7. She looks wonderful, Terri -- I can see her in a frame, to set off her blue hair.


  8. This looks great :) lovely colors and I like the texture of the paint on the stitching.


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