Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blue Kitty

Blue Kitty (SOLD)
6" x 12" gallery wrapped canvas
Mixed media and acrylic

Here is another painting I finished today. I think I started this late last week. I don't normally pick blue as my first color choice when I am contemplating color, but I really like how this turned out.

I had to order some new photo editing software and it probably won't arrive until next week. Once that gets here I hope to get some good photos of a few things I've finished recently and I plan to add this painting and a few others to my etsy shop. So in the meantime, I'm using an online photo editing site called Picnik.

In quilting news, I have quilted on my quilt three days in a row. Woo hoo!


  1. I LOVE blue kitty!

    And I'm glad you're back in the "groove"

  2. your kitties have the best faces. love it!

  3. Blue kitty looks so alive! Beautiful how reflective you mae his eyes.

    Glad youre getting to quilt, that always makes me happier!

  4. Blue kitty is adorable!! I like the flowers, too!

  5. The faces you paint have so much character in them. My kitties are cute, but not quite as well behaved as blue kitty!


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