Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Break Time in the Studio

Guess what this means?

It means this!

In my house, this behavior can mean:
a.  I'm so cute and I look fantastic in the sunshine right on top of your work.
b.  I want something, yes food, and I'm not moving off your work until you go get me some.
c.  This sunshine is so wonderful, and even better right here where you've been ironing, ahhhh, nice and warm.
d.  I love being near you mommy, and so this is the best way I know how.
e.  All of the above.
f.  None of the above.


  1. I am thinking ALL of the above. So how did you get Abby to move?

    auntie jude

  2. Very cute indeed! My dog also likes the sunshine, but fortunately he doesn't climb on the tables...

  3. Of course it means "I love and worship you and devote every minute of my life to making you happy". Oh, I'm confused, that would be a dog! This probably means C and you don't really factor in at all!

  4. this makes me miss my beloved cat more than ever...try reading the newspaper with precious feline right in the middle of it on your lap...So funny...what a delightful photo...thanks for sharing

  5. I think it means...."I love living here, as you make me beautiful quilts". LOL


  6. They do have their ways don't they. :o) I have a fur child kitty and she does this same routine. Happy creating...

  7. My westie has been following the sun puddles through the house ever since spring arrived. I call it his sun napping tour. They are so cute! :)

  8. I think it means "Pay attention to me NOW!!!!" They have their winning ways don't they?

  9. It's little moments like these that really endear our pets to us, isn't it! And thanks for showing the in-progress photo. I just love those.

  10. Jepp, my cat also. I love it.

    It is wonderful.


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