Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something New

So I had to try my hand at something new. Just couldn't resist. WEAVING!

You might remember about a year ago I got started with hand spinning my own yarns. Well I have so many lovely hand spun yarns in small amounts (not enough to really make sizeable somethings with) so I though that weaving with them might be just the ticket. Like I didn't have enough tools and gadgets around here. So my first weaving trial (above) was just using some of my purchased novelty yarns. You can see I started out at the bottom just going back and forth the full width. Well I got gutsy later on and decided to try a design, the heart. The heart is centered on the warp threads but you can't tell that because the beginner that I am, I was pulling my yarns too tight and the right side of the weaving looks tighter or smaller in width. Oh well, I'm a beginner, right?

Oh here's something else that's new. A new technique for surface design on fabric. Well new for me anyway. This is a flour paste resist method that I've been wanting to try for ages and I came across the technique recently while browsing through some of my books/magazines. So I decided now is the time to do it. I think it was a fun technique and one I will play with some more. In the photo below, I applied black Dye-Na-Flow starting on the left side and soon ran out. I didn't have much left in my bottle to begin with. So I took some black textile paint and watered it down to the same Dye-Na-Flow consistency. The textile paint area is the right half. I think I like that side better as the Dye-Na-Flow side seems to have seeped more into the fabric and blurred the web-like lines more.

And I couldn't write a blog post without showing my lastest two-color gradation. This is chartreuse and turquoise. Mmmm yummy!

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  1. oh my gosh the weaving looks great! I am so impressed with your first attempt but I knew you'd be great at it. And that latest gradation is very yuuuummmmyyyyy!!

  2. Terri,

    Very neat technique with the flour paste resist.

    And oh my, I absolutely adore the chartruse ~> turquoise gradation. I think I'm already hard-wired to swoon over those colors, anyway but these are really beautiful.

  3. love your reminds me of when I was little when I had a similair loom..wonder if my mum still has it in her loft!! like your dyed material.

  4. I don't get how you did the flour paste resist but it sure is cool! So are the new gradations. Maybe Sue will give you her loom now that you are weaving! LOL!

  5. Like the results of your newest endeavors! Very nice!
    And as to the hand dyes...yummy, indeed!

  6. Cool weaving and this gradation is my VERY fav. I might need more explanation on the black and white piece to fully appreciate it :)

    auntie jude

  7. My gosh, is there nothing you can't do? (And do well, too.) That is just *too cool*! It's beeea-u-ti-ful! Nicely done.

  8. Spinning and weaving are crafts I'd like to try. So far I've resisted the new supplies and tools, but I don't know how long I'll hold out.


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