Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quilted - Dyed - Bundled

I finished the free-motion quilting on my pink and cream quilt this week. It's now been washed and dried and I'm just loving all that texture. Now it is ready for the next phase.

Here are my latest two-color gradations. I really, really, really, love how these two groups turned out. The top group is deep yellow and amethyst. The bottom group is amethyst and chartreuse.

I've bundled up all my two-color gradations so that they don't get separated during storage. I want to keep the color groups together so that I can use each group when making a quilt. Don't they look great all bundled up and stored together?

And I also updated my charts for these color groups.

Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend!


  1. Wow, you qiilted that fast! Love your new colors too. It's adictive, isn't it?

  2. I have no idea how I missed so many of your blog entries! I'm sorry for that, especially considering how wonderful all your fabrics are turning out. Don't you just love the way they look all lined up like that? It sends a thrill through me!

    So are you just stitching samples of each piece to a piece of paper in your journal? That would be a good way to deal with it... I've been trying to paint the colors onto watercolor paper but sometimes I forget to do it.

    And yes, creating surface design has always been more interesting to me than actually assembling the pieces.

  3. That pink and cream quilt is wonderful. I love the subtle color and the great texture of the quilting. Totally lovely.

  4. I love all your dyed colors, and they look fantastic lined up together! I look forward to seeing the wonderful creations you will make with them too.

  5. Gorgeous quilting - the circles within the sea of straight lines and the texture! Love it!

    And those fabrics are so luscious!

    Also, I'm loving the book by you and Sue, "Creative Ways" ... lots of great info and ideas!

  6. I had forgotten you were making a cream quilt when I posted my vanilla blocks but now I think I need to add soft pinks and corals to mine and maybe I could live with it then.

    I LOVE your dyed fabric. I could just sit and look at color runs and never make anything out of them. I have a lot of the early Cherrywood gradations. Maybe I need to get them out, and you know I think they might work into the vanilla quilt too. thanks for all of the inspriration.

  7. every single part of this post makes me want to be YOU! You Rock!

  8. Wow, Terri, I too love all that texture in your quilt!!
    Very tactile! (is that the right word?) Anyway, that group of 2 color gradations is definitely my favorite of all the ones you've done. Gorgeous colors!

  9. When most people say a quilt has been quilted, washed and dried, and is ready for the next phase...I think binding. But with you, I'm not sure you don't have some other artistic plan for it! It's beautiful.

    I love your latest hand dyes, and like the two groups together. It is a truly wonderful collection of hand dyes you are making!

  10. Wow, LOVED it all. The quilt turned out just warm and charming and the color gradations are just super luxurious looking.

    auntie jude

  11. I think you are my new hero. I found your blog not long ago and just love love love all you do! You are so talented, and your color work is fabulous! Your quilts gorgeous! Your people faces are great!

    Thanks for sharing it all!
    Smiles, Cat

  12. The quilt is fabulous..even more so because its been washed. Amazing.I made a quilt for my parents 40th wedding anniversary years ago. It stayed in the cupboard 'for best' becasue my Mum didn't want it to get dirty. I wish I'd washed it before I gave it to them to prove it can be done. My Father died and never slept under it.
    I told my Mum I'll give it to the dog when she goes!!!

  13. The quilt is beautiful and so are the colour gradations Terri.


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