Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fabric and Flowers

I made some new PhotoEZ screens this past week. Some were more successful than others. This first photo shows a piece of fabric that I've used my screens on. There is one design on this piece that I used a purchased stencil and it is the darker turquoise circle shapes.

Here is one of my latest hand dyed gradations. The most recent that I dyed is now drying and perhaps I can show that one tomorrow. This color set was made with Chinese red and chartreuse.

While taking a stroll around our property recently, I spotted this sneaky character growing. My husband is always cursing at these as they are considered noxious weeds here. I find them to be very interesting and grabbed the chance to photograph it before it gets pulled.

This year I planted a new clematis plant. I've wanted a white clematis for a while now and finally got one. Here is the very first bloom. Gorgeous! There is one more color I would like to have some day in a clematis and that would be a deep red.


  1. I do like the fabric that you made with the PhotoEZ. I had to look that up to see what it was. What a great concept! I have been thinking a lot lately about painted fabric and sun printing since the weather is so nice.

    And of course, the dyed fabrics are lovely as always:)

  2. Oh, I love your PhotoEZ screen print fabric! Very nice. And that Chinese red gradation set is also very nice!

  3. OOH! That Chinese red and chartruese is to die for.

    I think I would have cut the thistle blossom and put it in a vase.

  4. I've got to pull out my photo ez and make some more screens this week since it will be nice and sunny all week. Love that latest set of fabrics.

  5. Will have to check out what that photo EZ is all about. I wanted to tell you that I saw your 12 X 12 art quilt at the Long Beach Quilt Show. I got to get real close ....absolutely beautiful. You are so talented will all you do. Love your blog.

  6. Totally love the screen print and the color gradation. You can send ALL those fabrics to me and I will be a happy camper...keep the weeds!

    Love ya.
    auntie jude

  7. I wonder how well the little spiney plant would dry out? I like the orange range you got in this set of gradation dyeing, too.

    The screen printing is some fun work.


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