Monday, March 23, 2009


Why Ouch? I fell on the ice this morning and now my left knee hurts. Sigh! Anyway, I thought it might appear as if I'm ignoring my blog, but really I'm not. I have been working on a few things, some I can't show completely yet. Up first is a sneak peek at a mixed-media project I'm working on.

The next sneak peek is my windows-themed Twelve by Twelve quilt. I finished this up over the weekend. YAY! These will be revealed on April 1. Stay tuned!

We are having a very gloomy day today and my photos aren't the best. In fact, starting this evening, we are under a blizzard warning. UGH!

A good part of the weekend I spent organizing in my studio. I had purchased a new bookcase and hubby got it put together for me. You can see I have it all filled already.

While in my organizing mode, I came across this project that I hadn't finished. I thought it might look good on a background of green fabric.

And here is another project I'm slowly working on. I've shared the painting with you recently, but I purchased an unfinished wood frame and painted it up all pretty.


  1. I like the green printed background and the painted frame is perfect!

  2. The black and white dotted frame is adorable and I agree that the green background offsets the quilt wonderfully. Cute bookcase too.

  3. Ice! It's spring!! Heh! Love, love that red on the green . One of my favorite color combos.

  4. Sorry about your knee,Terri, and more snow! Too much already!
    Interested to see what you're working on,but the green looks great around that piece and I love the black polka dot frame. You have a very distinctive, cheerful style!

  5. We're just having a blizzard of pollen here! I hope you knee is better soon and that you have some warm weather in the near future.


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