Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Mixed-Media Work

I'm just about done with these two pieces. They are both 12" x 12" on gallery wrapped canvas. All I have left to do is apply a sealer to them.

These works will soon be available at BECA Gallery. They will be part of the 12x12x122 Summer Show exhibit. Exhibit dates are June 6, 2009 - July 3 2009.

I will be submitting four art works total for this exhibit. Now I need to think about the next two and what I want to create.

In other news...we are in the midst of a blizzard. So far the local news is reporting we've had a little over six inches of snow. It's blowing very hard out there and once in a while the lights dim a little. I sure hope the power doesn't go out. I heard that most of the roads are closed in the vicinity.


  1. Very nice! Chris has been excitedly watching the blizzard on the weather channel. He loves all storms.

  2. It seems late in the season to be having such nasty weather...keep warm. Love these pieces Terri, especially the new border treatment. Congrats on the show!

  3. You are such a gifted artist. Your colors, collage, and definition are great.

  4. Really like your new girl pieces too!

  5. such nice faces on these 2 pieces, terri! i hope you're all snugged up out of the weather>

    btw, i finally got your print in the mail today. sorry for the long lead time. my day job has been painfully busy lately.

  6. These are beautiful, Terri! Love the edges and the music sheet behind. Such pretty faces!
    Blizzard?!!! You must be so sick of snow! Hopefully this will be your last storm of the season!

  7. Terri these are wonderful!

  8. Great girls Terri and I love the framed one with the cat in the other post ;0)
    Hope your knee feels a little better.

  9. Love both 12 x 12's Terri and I'm sure they will be sold in no time!

    I also love storms especially snow storms, but be careful on the ice. It's not often I feel I can admit to loving storms, but i will because Vicky admits Chris likes them too.


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