Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Curly Coils

Well for spinny goodness sakes...can you believe those coils? They sort of happened as a trial and error thing when I was spinning last night. I've seen these coily yarns for sale on etsy and just love the look of them. Now I'm infatuated with coils.

I'm getting a cold. Hubby decided to share. Ugh!

A few months ago, Yvonne, wrote to me telling me how she liked my sketches and how she would love to stitch them. She pointed out the particular sketches I had drawn and after granting her permission, she has now finished her embroidery projects. She did a marvelous job with them and has created a wonderful wall hanging trio. You can see what she did here. Her blog is in Dutch (I think), but she does provide a language translation helper on the sidebar of her blog. I tried it and it really chopped up the language, but you get the drift. Thanks Yvonne for sharing your project with me!


  1. Terri, your yarns are scrumptious!!! The texture is amazing! And your drawing looks so sweet in Yvonne's embroidery!

  2. Yvonne did a great job with your sketches and you are really getting good at your spinning. The curls are cool.

  3. Your yarns just keep getting better and better. I'm going to have to break down and buy some soon - are you going to be selling THIS one, because it's my favorite yet!

  4. Oh those curls are just wonderful!
    So is the colour.

    Yvonne did a fine job with your drawings.

  5. Thank you ladies, for the nice comments (and for visiting my blog)!
    The stitchery was easy because the start was something very, very perfect - the drawings from Terri!
    Applaus for Terri!

    Yvonne aka sommeke in Antwerp/Belgium

  6. I was thinking of you the other day... I signed up for a more in depth knitting class at the local school but they also had spinning.. HEHEHE i was so torn! I had to go with the knitting but it made me thing of you!


  7. wow yummy yarn dear! hope the cold is getting better and love the embroidery work how lovely!! keep spinning GF you are amazing!! hugs Linda

  8. Very fun! And I love your art journal too!

  9. The colors of the coils are luscious! How did your cat not attack them? Yvonne did a great job translating your prints into line drawings. Very cool....

  10. I love the colors of that coil. They really draw the eye to just the mess of yawn, imagine what they could do with the right knitting technique!

  11. I loved playing catchup on your blog and I've read it up to the 20th, but had to comment on this particular one. I love those coils you have been spinning, they're wonderful. I fancied a spinning wheel like mad about 15 years ago, but never got round to it.

  12. I thought you might like to see some ATCs I made with some of the yarn I bought from you (not this yarn, although this is probably my favorite). Anyway, you can see my atcs here:

    Actually, there is a tiny piece of this yarn on the bottom left atc. But the hearts are made with one of the other ones I bought from you.


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