Saturday, August 9, 2008

Paste Paper Part 2

Remember the paste papers I showed the other day? Well I have since added more color and design to them. I am having trouble seeing the initial design that I combed onto the wet paste paper with all the added stuff. So I think if I were to do this again, I'd either not comb any design in and stamp and stencil like crazy, or do the combed design and then add minimal design after so that you can still see the combed textures. Did you follow all that?

The second photo down is the fabric piece I painted along with the paste papers.

painted paste paperpainted fabricpainted paste paperpainted paste paper
This morning I was outside doing my usual chores (feeding kitties and birds, changing water for the kitties and birdbaths, etc.)....and noticed that because the skies were overcast, it was a good day for some photography. Here is some design metal bench.

...and my flower pot/planter/container/whatever.

Oh, and then as I was walking out farther into the untamed areas of our property, I happened upon these wild flowers and thought they were sooooo darling. They are the tiniest things. I love how the unopened flower buds have a pink cast to them. Their foliage looks sort of like evergreen needles but very soft.

Thank you all for your visits to my little blip of cyberspace. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'm off now to the studio, which is in a total disorganized state as I haven't been very good about putting things away lately after completing a project.


  1. Yes, I did follow that. It made perfect sense. I really love the colors especially the first and second pictures. They are my favorites!

  2. Love the results of your play.
    I agree with you regarding the sources of inspiration. I'm really intrigued with the planter design.
    I hope you find out the name of that darling plant. The flowers look like candy.

  3. I love how the papers are coming along! They are really pretty! I like the fabric one as well.

  4. Love the textured papers and I still do see the combed design. I think it works. Love the yard art inspiration. Hey, what are those lovely wild flowers? They are so dainty and pretty.

    auntie jude

  5. Those papers are gorgeous.It may be that the design on the bottom layer got lost because the colors are too similar. I think the layering of colors and texture add wonderful depth. I think the bottom two could use more!!!

  6. Great pieces, Terri. Love the colors. Love your planter pic. Did you paint it that way?

  7. Hi Teri,
    I love doing paste paper,and for me about 4 or 5 layers of paint and mark making is about right. My favorite papers I can't bear to use. I have used some but I need the summer to do this as I don't have enough indoor drying space. I took a workshop with Pam B from Seattle.

  8. Hi Terri!
    Does your planter have the tactile texture that it appears to have? You should do some kind of fabric or paper rubbing! Oh, btw, LOVE your papers!

  9. I am loving the colors in your paste papers. The textures are incredible too, it must have taken a while to finish these.

  10. the papers look great, I like the layers of decoration. The 2nd is my favourite.


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