Monday, August 11, 2008

Online Audio Interview with Sue

My good friend and business partner, Sue Bleiweiss, has had the pleasure of being interviewed by Alison Lee over at If you find yourself with 30-plus minutes of extra time, grab a cuppa joe and sit and listen. Sue did an incredible job in the interview and Alison is great to listen to as well. You'll find the interview here:

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  1. I'm just listening to the programme and its quite interesting to hear that its 'bligh wice' not 'Bloo-iss' as I thought. And of course she is American! I think its strange how people sound. I spoke to my American pen friend and she said I sound like 'Daphne' from Frazier..well she has the same accent.
    I'm enjoying listening as i type but I can't say i like the show tune!


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