Tuesday, August 12, 2008

News Flash

Crazy girl (aka Terri Stegmiller) has done it again. She's gone insanely mad with yet another crafty pursuit. The concensus is that she's got a disease that some of you may have also. Please see your checkbook so you can have this verified.

It seems Terri's lastest craze is spinning. Yes, spinning! It may be that there are some brain cells that are loose and have found an empty space to float around with abandon. What is spinning, you ask? Well yarn, of course.

See this luscious, fluffy pile of goodness?

wool roving
Well here is what it becomes:

drop spindle with wool yarn
Protect yourself if you can. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy, and avoid (at all costs) looking at yummy hand spun yarns.

Story at 11:00 (just kidding, but that sounded good huh?)

So yes, I got the spindle in yesterday's mail and have got my first round of roving spun onto it. But now I have a dilemma. I need to get the spun yarn off the spindle without it unraveling. Hmmm, sounds like more internet research time is in my future.

And then, yesterday while out running errands, I accidently walked past the magazine rack and picked up this:

While flipping through it I came across the cutest sweater:

And, YEP! You guessed it! Just had to buy it. Do you do that? Buy a magazine or book because of one pattern? I don't do it a whole bunch but occasionally do.

Here's my latest colorless face in progress.

And how about a challenge? Please tell me in the comments, what the following picture says/means/portrays. In one week, I'll pick, from the commenters, a person who will then be mailed a goody bag. There are no right or wrong answers as far as entering the challenge goes, I'm curious to know if any of you can identify the meaning of this picture. The answer and chosen name will be revealed on August 19.


  1. And she spins, too! Pretty yarn :)

    The meaning? Oklahoma residents wear denim.

  2. Spinning? Why not! Are you going to spint the yarn for that sweater?

    The photo? "A life told in denim"

    Your package is in the mail. Keep a look out on your mailbox later this week.

  3. Well, it looks like Oklahoma to me - and since I live here, it was the very first thing that popped into my head.

    Your yarn is gorgeous - and so is your "colorless face" as you called it.

  4. YOU ARE CRAZZZYYY. THe motivation is maddening! But how I oh so love it!

    Keep on doing!


  5. Hi Terri
    Looks like a saucepan to me, the expensive French one I got as a wedding present that I stupidly let boil dry & it cracked!!!!
    You could use your spun wool as the outlines for your ladies or as wild texture for their hair, blow the knitting lol, only kidding

  6. Love the spinning adventure and the new lady.

    I think you are designing a "cityscape" with the denim patch. You will "populate" it with all sorts of lovely creations.

    love ya.
    auntie jude

  7. wow your spinning looks great! I'm very impressed!

    Well it looks like half a sweater with a short arm to me :)

  8. Just wind the yarn around a book to make a skein. Tie the beginning and end together. Using a contrasting color of cord, tie loops around the yarn in at least two places. The skein will twirl up when you slide it off the book. That's okay. Sloosh it around in water with just a touch of soap to make it easier to rinse, squeeze it out gently. Find the middle of the skein again (where it went around the book) and hang in the shower with a weight on the bottom of it to pull out the kinks. Not too heavy of a weight or you will loose the spring in the yarn. When it dries you will have yarn with the twist set.

    If it still twirls up on itself... you have made overtwisted yarn which can be used to make really interesting things but is hard to knit with. :o)

    Now do some more. Lots. Save this yarn as when you get to be an expert spinner making perfectly smooth, regularly twisted yarn, you will have to relearn how to make funky, bumpy yarn like this.


  9. It's a pair of jeans, from which has been cut a half of a jacket for a long-armed, short-waisted , person.

  10. Looks like marked fiber addiction - you'll have to go to rehab soon =0)!

    Reminds me of the TIF Challenge for July which was half way. It looks like it's halfway finished.

  11. doesn't it mean turning left here?
    debby w.

  12. I inherited a spinning wheel a couple of years ago. It needs some minor repair but I'm inching closer to learning to spin, too. I'm amazed how good you are on your first go!! (maybe I shouldn't be :) let's face it, you're good at everything!)
    The sweater is lovely! Great shape.

  13. Oh boy, just what you need, another addiction!

    I think the denim represents your interest in recycling materials. You will use this denim to make a new bag.

  14. I see the denim as a resource for a project in your head that will be reality shortly leaving extra for your next creative adventure.

  15. Aha! The picture isn't about what IS there . . . it's about what ISN"T there! After having faithfully saved a piece of denim from old jeans, a piece has finally been needed to repair another pair of jeans (after a wait of a mere six years) -- thus vindicating hoarding habits . . .
    -- Such is my life. Ha-ha-ha :o)


  16. I wouldn't let myself pick up that same issue, but now I just may have to reconsider. I already have too many projects going.
    I've been tempted by the spinning bug. I think it's just the lust for fiber. A friend calls our collections of fibers & fabrics our Petting Zoos.
    As for your denim - I saw a helmet. Go figure.

  17. For some reason 2 things popped in my head almost simultaneously
    ...a cannon shooter...or a morse code flag that lost it's code. Hey, that's what I see, what can I say.

  18. Aha! You're going to make a skirt like the one in the picture of the sweater...OR, you're wishing that you have picked going to a "Dangerously Addicted Fiber Fanatics Ya'll" (DAFFY) instead of counting on the therapy of cutting up your neighbors blue jeans from their line..Am I right? lol
    And I love the painting

  19. I love the texture and colors in that yarn, it almost reminds me of cotton candy.

  20. Looks more like Nebraska than Oklahoma. Nebraska has a wider panhandle. Definitely denim. I'm curious!

  21. Looks like a piece of denim cut out to create a handbag! I'm not sure why I think this!
    Love the wool you were spinning! Beautiful colors!

  22. Hi Terri,
    The previous comment from Summer Girl was actually from me. I was helping my friend with her blog and was still signed into her Blogger homepage when I left the comment!!!!

  23. I see I am not the only one who thought Oklahoma. But I have no idea, maybe it is just a scrap left over from a previous project?

  24. I think it's a piece of denim that you have cut a piece out of to make a new project.

  25. you could use that fabric to do shiva rubbings from the plant holder in a previos post... then make a bag...


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