Thursday, April 17, 2008

All Homework Complete

Whew! I just finished the last of this week's homework for the online classes I'm taking. This is a fabric journal that I made from Sue's class. This measures 6.5" x 9.75" and went together rather quickly. Front and back views. Enjoy!

fabric journal flowers
fabric journal cat flower


  1. Very sweet. Love the peek-a-boo kitty....

    auntie jude

  2. What a great journal. Wonderful fabric, flowers, and kitty.

  3. I love all your recent work. Your journals are great, aren't they fun to make ;0)

    I love on-line classes too and I am looking forward to doing your class soon.

  4. You have been so busy since I last dropped in. As I emntioned before you made lovely journals.
    You make better use of your time than I do!

  5. Your journals are wonderful so inspiring.

  6. Wow! Very beautiful! I don't know anything about this type of art, but it sure looks cool! I got your comment on my blog and question about beeswax. I really like the look; it gives the piece a real shabby look. It's not sticky at all and so far no dust. I feel like it kind of protects the piece, but I definately think it is a personal preference on whether you will like the way it looks or not.

  7. i agree collage has taken the world by storm. maybe because almost every one can do it. I love your fabric collages. there are wonderful. it's something i'd love to try. cathie


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