Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Homework Done

face girl painting acrylic eyes
Here's some more of my online class homework. This week in Paulette's face painting class we painted the eyes and added quite a bit of detail to those, not sure if we will be doing more to them or not. And we also blocked in some lip color. My photo didn't turn out really well as there seems to be a glare on the lips.


  1. You are a bad bad influence! I just got in on Karyn's class ...I won;t eat perhaps - but I will have painting supplies ! Thanks for always posting about interesting things to do !

  2. She is looking soooooo cute!! You really did a great job on her eyes and lips. I love it!!! Can't wait to see more!

  3. You are staying busy. I really like how the face turning out and the background is gorgeous.

  4. you ARE worthy of using those big canvases girl!! Really....what are you waiting for? I hereby challenge you to two things:
    1. Accepting that you are's only canvas!
    2. Actually using that big's only canvas!!


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