Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Six Days

Hi All! Just wanted to mention/remind that there is six days until the Paper Quilting Explorations online class begins. Hope those of you who have joined are getting as excited as I am. There's still plenty of room left in the virtual classroom for any of you who have been thinking about it.

I've been working the last few days on a small art quilt. It is for a challenge that I joined called the Grab Bag Challenge. I found out about the challenge through QuiltArt, an online mail list that I belong to. Anyway, the challenge goes like this: the participants fill a gallon-sized ziplock bag with fabric, fibers, embellisments, etc. and put it in a USPS flat-rate envelope. The envelope shouldn't be bulging at the seams, just a nice variety to fit comfortably in the envelope. The envelope is sent to the coordinator, who then shuffles them and resends them out. I received someone's envelope contents, but I don't know who it belongs to. This is all kept secret until we all receive our own quilts back. I then make a quilt 20" x 20" using at least 1/3 of the contents of the envelope I received and add in whatever I want from my stash. I send the quilt back to the coordinator and she then sends all the quilts back to their owners. We have until early June to get our quilts done and sent back. I've finished the quilt I made and wish I could show you now, but (sigh) I can't until after the challenge is over. I'm very excited to see what I get in return with the ingredients I sent.

I was playing around with my metal embossing tools the other day and came up with the following. It is postcard sized (4" x 6"), but I haven't officially made it a postcard yet by attaching something on the back for a message/address area. Not sure yet what I want to do with it.

joy fabric postcard
I made the above card from scraps that were from making this box. A holiday themed box. I guess it's looking like Christmas in April huh?