Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I've been busy working on several things....all at once. Sound familiar? I haven't posted for a few days and don't really have anything finished to show so I thought I'd show what I'm in the middle of working on.

First up is a birdhouse gourd that I think I've shown before, but am now starting to paint.

birdhouse gourd painted wood burned pyroengraved
Next is a peek at my design wall where there are many projects in progress. Some faces and some painted designs on fabric paper.

painted faces and art
And this last photo shows a wall piece that I'm working on for the class I'll be teaching through joggles. Information about the class can be found here. By the way, the piece is shown upside down.


  1. I love the birdhouse! and the wall with all projects looks great and the wallpiece lovely! You do lovely things!

  2. I love your wall. Great way to see what to do next.

    The bird house is lovely.

    Glad you said the quilt was upside down!

  3. that gourd is awesome Terri. I wish I had your drawing talent.

  4. I have never seen a gourd Terri. Whatever it is, this one is beautiful. You are very busy!

  5. I really like your faces with the glasses. I can realte well to them !!!

  6. I love the birdhouse and all the pieces shown. It is lovely to see work in progress. You are very talented.

  7. Your birdhouse gourd is delightful.

  8. Love all your work, Terri! The gourd, the faces, the flower one at the bottom....


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