Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm Cookin' Here

And when I say cookin', I'm not referring to doing anything in the kitchen or getting a lot of artsy stuff done. I'm literally cookin'. It's been in the 100's for the last 2 weeks. Okay, maybe not that long, but it sure feels like it. I think were on about the 4th or 5th day of this heat. But, Mr. Radio Weatherman keeps telling me that by tomorrow we're going to be back down into the 80's. Ha! I'll believe that when I feel it.

Here's what I worked on today. If you remember a few posts back, I had bought some abandoned board books from the local thrift store. Over the course of a few days or so, I've been applying gesso to all the pages in the books. Well I finally got some of them all gesso'd up and they are ready for further work. So I painted backgrounds on the outside of a couple books. And on one I added some flowers.

altered board book painted flowers
painted altered board book


  1. I love the flowers on the first book. I just love your style, your painting and drawings and fiber art always make me smile.

  2. Terri-did you just apply the gesso straight onto the book or did you scruff up the pages with sandpaper first--Someone told me to remove the paper covering from the book first -which I tried to do-and the book fell apart so I won't do that again.

  3. These are great Terri - I love the flower!! (Miss Fleur).....
    I'd be interested in the answer to Doreen's question too about whether or not you roughened the page first.

  4. Very cool Terri - love those flowers!

  5. I am spending a little time this morning checking my Bloglines. I am surprised at how many post I need to look at from everyone.
    Lovely eye candy on all the last posts Terri.

  6. They look great. Love the flowers. I am also curious as to whether or not you scruffed up the pages first.

  7. I do love those flowers. Your art makes me smile too.

  8. I can completely relate on the "cooking"! It's summer here in the desert.

    These are great!


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