Friday, May 4, 2007

The Oddball

My tulips are in full swing and I think this year is the first year I've had this many blooming at one time. Plus, I've been trying to stay on top of keeping them sprayed so the deer don't eat them. They got a handful of my plants early on before I had started spraying them. Hmmmm, wonder how that yellow tulip got in there.

I love this grouping of tulips with the pale and deep yellows together.

And look at these little guys coming these!

Today I made a padfolio. The background fabric is a piece of muslin that I had underneath another piece of fabric that was being dyed. The dyes soaked through and left the bottom fabric very pretty. I couched some eyelash yarn onto the background and then free form cut some leaf shapes from some silk fusion and sewed them down. I scalloped the edge of the flap, just for something different.


  1. I really like the scalloped edge of the padfolio cover.

    Our previous house had hundreds of daffodils and tulips. THis house has none, and I really miss them. I keep thinking that we should plant some. (and by WE I mean my DH...). Maybe I'll talk him into it this fall...

  2. Your tulips are really beautiful. I planted some really beautiful tulips the year before last and they came up beautifully last year. I especially love purple tulips...anyways, can you believe the deer ate every single tulip before they bloomed? I was so disappointed!

  3. Next time the deer visit your tulips can you take a photo please? We don't have any around here in Wales.
    I love the scalloped edge touch in your padfolio. I have an old ironing blanket that's covered in all sorts of patterns and colours. I will have to find some use for it I think.

  4. Love the scalloped edge on your latest padfolio. What a really good idea, gives it an extra zing. And I do like your lining fabric too. Do you buy these online Terri or are you lucky enough to have a fabric shop near you?

  5. Hi Terri
    Just thought I would let you know how much I enjoy your blog. really love your padfolio, I have been wanting to make one for a while, just need the time. The idea of a scalloped edge is so much fun, might give it a try, hope you don't mind me using the idea!
    Sall A

  6. Your padfolio is very nice - the flowers like a summer garden!

  7. Love your tulips especially the yellow one that thinks it is red ;0)
    Great padfolio. I love the colours and the scallop edge is so pretty.
    Hugs, Alis

  8. Love the padfolio. The scalloped edges look great!!!

  9. Love your blog, but was wondering, what do you use to keep the deer out. We moved to a new house out in the country and this is the first time I've been able to have a garden and we just discovered deer tracks some big, but their visit last night had little tiny hoof prints. Must have been the baby my hubby nearly hit earlier this week. I'd hate to take one of the dogs out of their pens, which oddly enough is right next to my garden, because their are really small children next door who come to pet the dogs and my doggies are really rambunctious. So I need ideas for deer repellant!


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