Saturday, May 5, 2007

I Need More Room!

I really, really, really need to make some room in my space, so have decided to do some purging. I've gone through my books and magazines. All of these are available if anyone is interested. Please send me an email if something grabs you. I will accept payment through paypal or with personal checks.

All of the Susanna Oroyan books are sold. Thanks!

Artitude is sold.

These quilting mags are sold. Thanks!

Doll Crafters are sold.

The Soft Doll & Animal mags are all spoken for. Thanks!

Thanks to everyone for looking and taking these off my hands.


  1. Good grief Terri that's a lot of magazines! You didn't list any prices though, I might be willing to take those artitude zines off your hands.

  2. oh pooh Sue B...ya'beat me to it...Artitude would be my choice too...oh well...I had all those soft dolls ect mags rid of them last year...

  3. Magazines do tend to pile up, don't they! May I post your offer on a couple of my doll lists?

  4. terri, I would be interested in the Soft Doll and Animal mags--the older the better. Please email me with the details. Do you take paypal?

  5. If the designing book is left..cost? I only create cloth art dolls so remaining mags aren't exactly what I want...shoot..missed on the clothdolls one...if you find a "stray one" let me know...I might not already have it...thanks....Debby..dibbledabble1dolls....


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