Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone's day is filled with love, happiness, and no cooking. I've spent most of the day mowing and doing yardwork. Ugh! Our temperatures were a bit too warm for this time of year which made the day a little unpleasant, but not too much. At least the wind isn't blowing a 100 miles per hour.

I've no pictures to show today...sorry! But I do want to tell all of you out there in blogland that next Saturday is my one year blog anniversary. Sooooooo, why am I telling you now????? Well I'm going to have a little contest, with prizes even, and I'll announce the winners next Sunday. Yes, that was plural. What's the contest you ask? Well I'm going to try and remember to post to my blog every day this week. And I'll pick a name randomly from each day's comments. So that means there will be 6 winners in all. It will start tomorrow (Monday 5/14) and run through Saturday (5/19). I haven't totally decided what the prizes are yet, I guess you will just have to be surprised.


  1. oh boy prizes!

    Hey I've been meaning to tell you, I love the new picture!

  2. That's a really nice thing to do! Congrats on the one year anniversary!

  3. Oh that's exciting. What a great way to celebrate.
    Hugs, Alis

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate Terri. Its hard to believe you've only been here a year it feels like I have been reading you forever.

  5. a prize you say!!! count me in!!!
    congrats on your 1 yr anniversary!!! good job !!!


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