Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Fruits of my Labor

Yesterday I said I would show you what I had created Monday evening. By this morning all was dry. And today I even made more.

Here is an assortment of fabrics that I dyed with Dye-na-flow. I used 4 different shades of green on these. If you enlarge the photo you can read what the fabrics are. The one with question marks, I forgot the name. It's sort of like a burlap, but yet I know that wasn't the name of it.

This photo shows my failed attempt at nuno felting. I basted 5 different lightweight fabrics together then did some felting. It didn't felt the way I was hoping it would. I think next time I'll use some scrim or gauze or maybe even cheesecloth. I'm going to try and use this piece in something though. Don't know what yet.

The next four pictures are silk fusion. The first one I did Monday night and the other three I did today. I'm not totally happy with these. I've seen silk fusion that other people have posted on their blogs and I feel like their pieces are more blended. Mine look like they are choppy in coloration. Is it because I'm using pre-dyed silk? Am I not laying the silk down correctly? Anybody? Another problem I had with working with the silk was, everytime I'd pull some strands out they would wrap around my hand. I think it was static cling causing this. It made it very hard to lay them down nicely.

And here is a photo of some lovely lime green paint on my paint brush. I'm trying something new and hopefully I can show you soon (if it turns out to my liking).