Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Baby in a Bag

Both my cats love playing with plastic bags. Whenever I leave one laying around they seem to make a big game with it. I was actually able to get a photo this time.

Here are some new toys I got in the mail yesterday. I had looked for these at every store while out west but no one seemed to have them. Can't wait to play! They supposedly work very well with fabric drawing/painting.

Here are some new books I've added to my addiction library lately. Just paging through them I found myself drooling. I'm hoping 2007 will be a year of learning new techniques and lots of experimentation.

Remember the dish rag I was knitting out west? Well it turned out funky and out of shape and I didn't like it. So I ripped it out and made another one from a different pattern. I like this one much better. Hope you do too.


  1. Please share your experiments with the inks as you use them. I've been considering buying them myself and am interested in how people are using them. Very cute kitty!

  2. Yes, please share about the inks. I have been putting off buying any.
    I have the Raising the Surface book and the Surfaces for Stitch. They have some great stuff.

    Your dishrag is too pretty to use.

  3. I agree with Micki about the dishrap, it is too pretty to use!

    What a treasure trove, all those books! Now you need a couple of hours spare, a cuppa and a nice comfy chair....

  4. oops, I meant dishrag!!! (typo)

  5. Love the colours of your dishcloth - are you sure you should use it for dishes?!! I would be nervous of my dog playing with plastic bags - but maybe I'm overprotective or maybe cats are far more clever :)

  6. What a great picture of your cat playing in the pastic bag!

    I agree with everyone else, the dishrag is too pretty to use.

    Great selection of paints!

  7. Did you get the special ink pens to use your ink? I think they are called Fantasticks. They are really fun to work with. Hope to see your work. I also got the markers too but haven't used them yet.

    Also, lovely little dish cloth


  8. Imagine my suprise as I was randomly clicking on the artful quilters web ring link, to run across someone from Mandan. I live in Bismarck. So glad to meet another ND art quilter.

  9. Love the picture! Hope you show us what your making with those inks!


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