Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How Lucky Am I?

Just before leaving on my trip, I received a lovely little charm from fellow blogger, Shari. Shari had held a contest on her blog and I was one of the lucky winners. Here is the charm she sent me. Thanks so much Shari...I would have posted it sooner, but I ran out of time.

Then while I was gone last week, a surprise box arrived for me. When I got home and opened it I found this:

And when you open the doors, you see this:

Two handmade books/journals.
This was made by the lovely and talented Sue Bleiweiss. I feel so honored to receive this lovely gift. Thank you Sue. I'm going to try and come up with a special use for the hand made books. Any ideas?

In response to some comments left regarding yesterday's post...I will share my experimentation with the All-Purpose Inks. My hope is that they will work somewhat similar to how watercolor paints act. I'm not going to hold my breath but I thought I read somewhere that they can be used like watercolors. I do have the Fantastiks applicators that you use with these inks....I plan to try them and also try paint brushes.

I do plan to use my dish rag....believe's not professional quality knitting, so I don't feel so bad about using it for dishes. In fact, I'm currently knitting about 16 of these for use as Christmas gifts. I have 7 sisters-in-law and plan to give each a set of two. And I will also make a set for my mother-in-law. Even though we don't officially exchange gifts each year, there seems to be small gifts for everyone and I've just gotten in the habit of making something handmade each year. I'm hoping to improve my knitting skills in the making of these dish rags. I'm going to be busy knitting for the next several days...wish me luck...I've got two done so far.