Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Bloom True Experience

As you may have noticed, recently I took Flora Bowley's online course called Bloom True.

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The course was five weeks short and believe me, they went by quickly. Here are my canvases at the end of Week 5.

I started the course with the two larger canvases and added the other two around Week 3 or 4. I believe I am finished with the two paintings on the left. They still need a protective finish coat. The two canvases on the right are still works in progress.

My Thoughts About the Course

I will be honest with you, I was apprehensive about taking the course because I didn't want to create art that looks like so many other pieces out there. Flora teaches this course both online and in person and you can find photos all over the Internet with people sharing their results. So much of it looks similar to me. Of course I know that some artists are in the early stages of learning a process and that is usually when their work tends to be similar to others...they just haven't found their voice or style yet. So with keeping my own style/voice in mind, I took the plunge and took the course.

I'm glad I did. The lessons are not about painting like Flora. They are about finding yourself in your painting. Sure, some of the early steps in the process seem to make everyone's art look the same, but once you get past that, you are free flying and following your heart and gut.

I would highly recommend to anyone who has creative dreams to take this course. Even if you aren't a painter. I think that no matter what your art medium of choice is, you can benefit from what Flora shares. And who knows, you may find that you do like painting.

If you are interested in taking Flora's Bloom True E-course, please click the following link to sign up. Please note that the link is an affiliate link, which means that if you sign up for the course when following my link, I will earn a commission from your purchase of the course. If you do sign up through my link, I would like to thank you for doing so.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the course. I have had the same concerns.

    I would love to take this course, but have other commitments now. I will definitely keep this in mind. Good to know that you will get a commission, too. That's a great deal!

    1. If you ever do take the course, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

  2. I loved Flora's course for the reasons you did. I think your summary is right on point. Love your paintings and seeing your voice through them.

  3. Love that the paintings are so you. Looks like you had a lot of fun :-)

  4. You created a beautiful collection and it is indeed your voice.

  5. Hi Terri, thanks for the info about the course. I read her book and want to take the class when I save up the money :). I enjoyed seeing your voice come out in the paintings.
    What protective finish do you use on your canvases? I'd appreciate knowing.
    Thanks, Beth

    1. Hi Beth, thanks for your comment. I am using this product to protect the paintings:

    2. Hi Terri, thanks for the information. I'm new to painting and I've done some watercolor and acrylic canvases (fun!) and I'd like to protect them. Have a great weekend.

  6. Your paintings are delicious and you have been able to keep your signature style. Lovely Cheerful Happy paintings. Creative Bliss Dear...

  7. Beautiful colourful unique paintings that don't look similar to other ones at all!

    1. Thank you Denise...that is good to hear.

  8. I am glad to read that you had so much fun and that the course gave so much to you!
    .. the paintings are all awesome..even the pieces in progress...

    I really adore all the kind of intuitive paintings and the process of layering and layering without end!
    I learned something quite similar to this progress at Jodi OHLS Soul Food lesson-
    O.k. you wrote that many artists show similar things right now..
    but like you said:every artist can make his own style with the technique..
    and you do this perfect!
    Always when I see a tutorial or take a class I do it in the exact same way the teacher does it ..take the same colors and so on ... and if the technique fits to me I try it some times more and then it comes to my attention that I opened up the technique to my style of creating..that makes me sooo happy...

    and every good teacher wants you to find your own style and way within her/his courses....

    Happy weekend Terri!
    I like your style!!!

    1. Thank you Susi for your wonderful comment. Your thoughts on the teaching/learning process are so spot on! You have a fabulous weekend too.


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