Friday, April 4, 2014

Oh Where Oh Where?

Wow, it's been slightly over two weeks since my last post. How did that happen? Time has flown these past couple of weeks as I've been busy with a project and will be able to share that with you in a few weeks.

I haven't been working on anything big other than the above mentioned project. But to keep my creative juices flowing I dabbled on a few small things.  I created these two mini collages.

And here is what I used to create my mini collages on:

I found this set of flash cards at my local thrift store quite some time ago and I came across them recently in my stash. I thought it was time to play with them. I think I will add these to my Etsy shop, but I'm trying to figure out if I should mount them somehow or just offer them as they are. Any thoughts?

Next is a screen that I am creating for screen printing. I've had the supplies to do this for maybe a couple of years and, again, found them in my stash, so I thought I better get to it. It's a two-step process and right now I'm waiting for the pink goo to dry so that I can rinse out the blue goo and then try the screen out.

And here is a painting project I did because I really wanted to paint something. This is done on paper and I am loving the bright colors.

I prepared and shipped a quilt that I was thrilled to have juried into ARTQUILTSwhimsy! You can find all there is to know about this exhibit by clicking here. My quilt that they chose is Crooked Tree Hill, which you can see here.

I tried hard to keep up with my favorite blogs during the past couple of weeks, but I'm pretty sure I've missed some good posts from you. I have a couple more projects coming up soon, but they aren't as big and I really want to return to finishing my quilt of my granddaughter. Happy April!

Linking to Paint Party Friday. Lots of great folks who are painting.


  1. That bunny is completely fantastic! I just love him!

  2. loving your rabbit, such fab colourings. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. I also love the bunny. So much personality and wow, the color!

  4. I love the bright Spring colours and your fabulous Easter bunny! The little collages are lovely too. They'd be really pretty mounted on a bright coordinating backing of some sort. Maybe foam core that is slightly larger with the edges wrapped with washi tape

  5. frozen out...anyway, as I was saying...foam core with the edges wrapped with washi tape to create a small border all the way around. They'd then look really cute on a mini easel on a desk top or mantel.

  6. Hmm, that's weird, I just entered a comment and poof, it's gone .... I think what Linda's saying is a great idea. Love your colourful painting, and congrats on your quilt being selected!

  7. I agree with Linda and Denthe on the advise. As for the bunny , he is fantastic! Adore the his loveable colourful personality.

    Annabelle : )

  8. Love these works! Not quite your usual, is it? But wonderful bright colors. I have no suggestions for your cards.

  9. Great sense of colour and you use wonderfully energetic lines... Enjoyed my visit here... Happy PPF

  10. Thanks so much everyone for your wonderful comments.

  11. Love your cute Bunny,he is so happy and ffull of color,love the flowers and backround too,superb compositions,love it so much.
    Happy PPF!

    XXX Jeannette

  12. Time certainly is fleeting and I have missed a few of your posts so am reviewing. Lovely small collages. This is why I love making ATCs so much. The small venue is wonderful. Creative Bliss Dear...


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