Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Painting

I painted on some canvas this weekend.  I had a great time with it. I ended up with two pieces that are similar (first photo and third photo).  


These look so much better in real life. The subtle colors peeking through in the background are hard to capture in a photograph.

I will be doing some more of this canvas painting over the next few weeks because I am trying to build up an inventory. I will be teaching a canvas painting class at a retreat in October and I'd like to have some of these with me for that event. The retreat is in Medora, North Dakota.

In other news...
The 2012 Series of quilts by the Twelve by Twelve International Art Quilt Challenge group (of which I am part of) will be exhibited at the Northwest Quilting Expo in Portland, Oregon on September 19-21. I wish I could go. Are you going?


  1. Nice canvas paintings !

    I'm not going to get to see your work this time :(

    auntie jude

  2. Yes, I will go to the was last year's exhibit where I saw (and first learned about) the 144 12x12 pieces and was both overwhelmed and inspired. Thanks for sharing the new ones. Wish you could be here too.

  3. nice canvas painting - I can only imagine what those colours look like for real!
    Wish I was going to the Expo, but can't swing it this year. I have 2 pieces in a special exhibit there, too!

  4. These are as beautiful as the planets in the solar system. Blissfully Creative Dear...


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