Friday, September 6, 2013

New Market Tote

About a month ago or maybe a little less, I sewed myself a market tote using some of my painted fabrics. Recently I decided I needed to screen print some girl figures onto each side.

Now it's ready for shopping! The screen printed girl figures didn't turn out perfect since I screened them after the tote was constructed. Oh well...I like it just as it is. Unperfect. Or is that Imperfect. Or perhaps it's just Unique! Yes, Unique. I like that better.

Oh by the way, did you know I sell a market tote pattern? I do! You will find it in my Etsy shop under the pattern category. It is a downloadable PDF pattern, so you can have it in an instant! I used the construction methods from the pattern to make the tote above. It's a fairly simple and quick project.

It is my understanding that in the state of California you cannot carry out your purchases in a plastic bag anymore. They've been banned. Are there other states doing this? Anyone know?


  1. cute tote Terri
    I don't know what other states are banning plastic-but I like the idea

  2. Love, love, love your market tote and am glad to see you "working" again. :) Hope that means you are feeling better.

    Actually, only a few cities in CA have banned plastic bags, but I'm sure more will follow suit. The closest one to us that I know of is Carpenteria. It's a great idea.

  3. Portland Oregon has a no plastic bag ordinance. It is pretty easy to get used to taking in your own bags. If you use their paper bags, there is a surcharge of 25 cents, I think.

  4. I LOVE this newest bag. Are you selling it in ETSY?

    auntie jude

  5. Love the bag in all its uniqueness!

  6. Gerrie is right, it's by city in Oregon which includes Portland and in Corvallis you need to supply your own.


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