Monday, January 21, 2013

Stencil Blog Hop Day 2

Thanks for joining me on the Stencil Blog Hop.  Several artists are sharing many creative techniques using my new line of stencils, produced by Stencil Girl Products.  Each day of the hop, you will see two new stencils (14 in all) being used by an inspiring artist.

Today on the Stencil Blog Hop, please visit Leslie McNeil's blog and see what she has done with the following two stencils.

Flowers 20


My stencils, shown above are already used to the point of being stained by the various paints and dyes I use to create with.  I love the fun colors the stencil plastic takes on.  It inspires me.

Be sure to visit each artist on the blog hop.  Why???  Well because if you visit and leave a comment, you will be entered for a chance to win some stencils.  Each artist will announce a winner one week after their blog hop post and that winner will receive a set of stencils just like those that the artist shared in her blog hop post.

Here is the blog hop schedule and the artists that you will see:
Sunday, Jan. 20 - Me, right here on this blog
Monday, Jan. 21 - Leslie McNeil
Tuesday, Jan. 22 - Deborah Boschert
Wednesday, Jan. 23 - Margaret Applin
Thursday, Jan. 24 - Brenda Gael Smith
Friday, Jan. 25 - Vicki Welsh
Saturday, Jan. 26 - LuAnn Kessi
Sunday, Jan. 27 - Sue Bleiweiss

Thanks for hopping with us!


  1. Terri, do you dilute paint and put it into spray bottles?

  2. Hi Elle, the only paints I've used up to this point in spray bottles are the Tumble Dyes and Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow. The Tumble Dyes are already in spray bottles. The Dye-Na-Flow, which is a very fluid vibrant paint, can be poured right into a spray bottle and used as is, it's that fluid. You can also dilute it with water for a lighter shade.

    I have not used thicker consistency paints but I am planning on doing some tests soon.

  3. I found your blog on the perfect day, beginning a great giveaway.
    I will be a follower for sure. Love you art!!

  4. This will be a fun blog hop and of course I am late to the party. I must get caught up. Love your stencils and fabrics. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


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