Friday, December 2, 2011

Early Christmas for Me

Every year, about a month or two before Christmas, hubby always asks me the same question..."What do you want for Christmas?"  Over the years we have come to realize that we really don't need anything since we usually just buy what we need when we need it.  And we've also learned that it's better to get each other something we know the other wants, and have totally stopped buying gifts that are surprises, only to end up not being something not wanted.

So our ritual is to tell each other what we would like and we usually then go ahead and get it.  We don't wait for the official date to exchange our gifts.  This year, I knew a few months in advance what I wanted.  I usually don't desire jewelry, especially since I'm at home on a full-time basis and I don't wear jewelry at home.  But this year I wanted jewelry.  My friend, Martha, has a silver ring that I had been admiring for quite a while.  I asked her about it and she told me she had a jewelry artist friend who made it.  She gave me the information on her friend and I contacted her about making me a similar ring.

Jamie Santellano was a pleasure to work with and quickly made me a ring in the size I needed.  I love it and find I want to wear it all the time, even at home.

I had it made to wear on my right hand, middle finger, but have you ever tried to take a photo with your left hand?  Just. Can't. Be. Done!  But of course, now I remembered that I purchased a wireless remote for my camera...duh!

I also had this ridiculously cute kitty pendant "favorited" on Etsy.  And one day, hubby saw it on my computer screen and declared I must have that.  So needless to say, I didn't argue.

This cute silver pendant was purchased from Etsy seller Mark Poulin.  And Mark's photos of these bright silver objects are totally better than what I did.  He's got more cute jewelry too and I may just have to innocently leave images of those on my computer screen in the future.

Hope you had a great week!