Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On the Needles

Here is what I currently have on my sock needles.  I am totally loving this color.  I got this gorgeous variegated skein of sock yarn from this etsy seller...Fireweed Dyeworks.  She has a lovely selection of beautiful colors available.  Of course this photo doesn't do justice to the colors in the yarn.

This color palette is called Spice and is the current challenge over at Twelve by Twelve.  So far I have been unable to come up with a quilt idea using this palette.  Helen chose this palette for us and shared a photo of the actual spices here.


  1. The color on of that yarn is GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for the link to her site :)

  2. Love the sock yarn - they'll be gorgeous! As for ideas for the palette, think "Tuscany", "old Adobe in Mexico", "mid to late Autumn", "pumpkin patch", "serengetti".....good luck with your quilt; I can't wait to see what you come up with....

  3. Your socks are gorgeous! Seeing yours makes me miss my knitting! The Spice color palette is lovely by itself, but I'm wondering if you are allowed to add another color to "spice" it up! :)

  4. Love the spices as well as the socks. Not feeling inspired yet, though? I'm thinking autumn leaves, late October. I know whatever you do will be spectacular.


  5. What gorgeous BLUE socks you are going to have!
    Happy feet for sure.

    Those colors remind me a bit of the South West. There are a lot of red rocks in Utah and New Mexico.

    auntie jude


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