Saturday, April 30, 2011

Colorful Inspiration

I mentioned in my post the other day that I was working on another painted quilt. The photo below shows the quilt at the stage I'm at with it now. It is painted, that's it! Next I want to layer it and quilt it. I'm hoping to work on that this week.

The quilt design above was inspired by the work of Magaly Ohika.  Her blog, The Itsy Bitsy Spill, is a wonder to scroll through and if you have time, I urge you to grab a cup of coffee and spend some time there and drink in the color and design.

I don't recall how long I've been following Magaly and her colorful, whimsical art.  But I do know that I'm so glad I found her and her cheerful creations. Recently I purchased the following little pouch from her etsy shop.  She called it a coin purse, but it really could be used for anything.

Here is the back side.  I'm not sure but I think I may just prop this little cutie up in my studio somewhere where I can see it every day.  It makes me happy!


  1. Your new quilt is exciting! I can't wait to watch it develop; I hope you plan to post a series of work in progress photos. I'm learning so much about art quilting by following your work along it's path to creation. And your treasure pouch is fabulous! Off to take your advice and check out her website...

  2. Cute painting Terri! Can't wait to see the addition of the stitching.

  3. Your quilt "lady" looks alot like someone I know and love :)

    auntie jude

    PS Adorable little bag!

  4. This is such a fun painting Terri. I must see your finished quilt of this. Love your little case that definitely is inspirational with its bright cheery fun attitude. Marvelous May to you my dear...

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  6. Terri, your painted quilt is going to be fantastic!!! I visited Magalay's site after seeing your mention and I feel the inspiration!!!


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