Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Tale of Three Vases

I have a quilt design in mind that I want to create, not shown here. I am up in the air on how I want to create it. I decided to do a small quilt design using different techniques to see which result I like best and may want to use for the quilt I want to make. Here are my results.

The first one is bright colors painted on a piece of cotton. Free-motion quilted, no binding yet.

The second one is a whole cloth painted design also. Free-motion quilted, no binding yet.

And the third example is a fused applique. The background is hand painted. It's also free-motion quilted and has no binding yet.

They each have their strong points and while I like most things about each one, I know I won't use the techniques in example 2 for my quilt idea. I think I may be leaning toward example 3 for my quilt design but I may still choose example 1 because I really like the bright, bold colors. I do think in example 3 I should have used a darker color or another fabric for the lower background. While I free-motion quilted the lower area in a darker thread color, I think it still looks like the vase is floating a bit.

Anyhow....which look do you like most of the three?