Friday, March 25, 2011

Journal Quilt #12

C is for Cat (Journal Quilt #12)
Fused fabric, free-motion quilted, thread sketching, zigzag edge finish

I had no idea this quilt was going to have a kitty on it when I started it. I basically just fused all the fabrics in place and quilted. Once I had finished that step, I looked at it and pondered a while. I've done thread-sketched faces and flowers on my previous journal quilts. I wanted to do something different. And of course, kitties popped into my head. Imagine that!

Check out the other journals quilts over in the 3 Creative Studios Journal Quilt Challenge Flickr album.


  1. And a very elegant kitty she is. Very appealing journal quilt!

  2. So cute. The curved edges are wonderful.

  3. I do so admire your dedication as well as your accomplishments in doing a quilt a week, Terri -- and they're all so wonderful!


  4. Adorable!
    I'm not very good at thread sketching...though all my ideas seem to call for it.
    Do you know of a good tutorial anywhere?

  5. Kitty quilt is adorable. How creative to do as you go. Happy week ahead...


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