Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trying A New Technique

This is a work in progress at the moment. I still have a few details I want to add with paint and then it is on to making the quilt sandwich and quilting.

This fabric painting technique is inspired by a post that Judy Coates Perez shared on her blog recently and while Judy used FW Acrylic inks for her piece, I used Dr. Ph. Martin Bombay India inks for mine as I didn't have the acrylic inks on hand. I have ordered a few FW inks to play with and I'm anxious to compare the two side by side.

Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the inks layer over each other and create color depth and interest.


  1. Great piece Terri!

    I haven't tried the FW inks yet...I have used the Tsukineko inks quite a lot and I love how they layer and that fact that there is absolutely no change in the hand of the fabrics with either cottons or silks.

    I'll be interested in how you like the FW Acrylic inks...if they work well I'd probably switch as they are not as pricey as the Tsukineko and are easier to get.

  2. I have started a collection of the FW inks they are terrific to work with and once heat set keep their vibrancy even after washing. I also love that they come with eye dropper lids, very handy.

    Your Kitties are FABULOUS!!! they look like they have been up to something.

  3. Such vibrant colors! I wanted to try out the FW inks too after reading Judy's post a while back. Now that I've seen what you've done I'm even more inspired to try this out. Fun!

  4. I use the FW inks with my dip pen (nib pen) for outlining. I like them fairly well. They aren't completely water resistant but close.

    I really like this piece that you have started. It still looks like your piece but with some new and fun stuff thrown in.

    Judy is super generous with her process isn't she? And a nice person to boot:)

  5. I will research about those inks. Two weekends ago, I took a silk painting class, and loved it. Is this something similar? What kind of fabric are you using? I like those colors you used in your project, Terri.

  6. @Angela - I would say that painting with the FW inks is more like painting on fabric with paints even though the ink is runnier than paints are. I painted my project on 100% cotton. I haven't tried them on silk, so they may act more like silk paints on silk fabric.

  7. Gorgeous rich colors!

    auntie jude

  8. Love the color and the cats. I am amazed at your style. I almost always recognize your contributions to your group challenge without seeing your name.

  9. Oooh -- I've been wanting to try those inks too -- I love your kitties!


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