Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Ice Cream Bucket Overfloweth

I save my used dryer sheets so that I can keep adding more scrap fabric quilt blocks to my ongoing dryer sheet quilt. And as you can see here, my used dryer sheet bucket was getting overly full. So I took a couple of days to fix that.

I found I had about 50 dryer sheets in the bucket. The last time I worked on this quilt I had created a section that was six blocks by eight blocks. So with the work I did in the past couple of days I was able to double the amount of blocks. In the photo below, the quilt section at the top of the photo is the previous section I had made and the new section is below.

I haven't joined the two sections together yet...I think I will wait until I have more sections and work with all of them at once. My goal is a queen or king sized quilt. At this point, my measurement from top to bottom is good, but I need to add about two more sections to the width for a king size. Now to fill up my ice cream bucket again.

REMINDER: Don't forget I'm having a Pattern Party. If you would like to play along, you will be in the drawing for a free pattern. Hope to see you there!


  1. I don't know why but I never tire of seeing string quilts!

  2. Gorgeous quilt, great use of dryer sheets -- but as clever as your idea is, I'm NOT going to start saving dryer sheets -- my laundry room is the catch-all place and has too much stuff in it as it is! I'll just enjoy yours vicariously! :-)

  3. Great colours. I'm resisting this one too.

  4. That is an unbelievable amount of dryer sheets which means a lot of wash too! Great recycling idea!

  5. How funny! I was just thinking about this quilt a day or so ago. I am with Vicki-I never get tired of this type if pattern. Something about those colors too:)

  6. That is fantastic. Those are my 2 favorite colors! Remind me how you use the dryer sheets. Very modern and gorgeous.

    auntie jude


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