Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Big Tote - Free Pattern Now Available

I shared my first draft of the Big Tote a few days ago here on the blog. Here is my final version and I have finished getting the tutorial ready for it. You can find the tutorial over on the 3 Creative Studios Free Project page, along with many other great free projects.

The purple fabric at the bottom is overdyed denim from an old pair of jeans.


  1. I am not a purse person. But I decided I needed to have more class than the old bag I had so I bought a classy handbag. It is a bear to get over the shoulder with a coat on. The opening limits what I can stuff in like I did when I shopped with my bag. AND the zipper closure which was THE main attraction, is now broke. Yay for totes says I, who is now back to being a bag lady. This'll be perfect. Thanks Terri. over dyed denim- AHA!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial Terri, I am planning to make one of these.

    Looks greaat.

  3. Fabulous!!!! Love your overdyed denim. Brilliant.

    auntie jude

  4. Love this bag. I have a small canvas panel to use as the central focus. This is just the pattern I was looking for!
    Thank you so much :-) !


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