Thursday, December 30, 2010

Growin' Flowers Pattern is Finished

It's officially done. I'm very happy about that. It seems like it took forever.

There are two ways to purchase the pattern if you are interested. It is listed in the shop, here, on the 3 Creative Studios web site and in my Etsy shop.

Vicki Welsh will also be selling the pattern in her etsy shop, but she is going to sell it in kit form, along with some of her luscious gradient fabric, which is featured in each of the four quilts I made. See Vicki's Etsy shop here.

My local quilt shop, Sewing Machines Plus, Mandan, ND; will also be carrying the pattern. I just need to get there to deliver the patterns. So hopefully I can do that within the next day or three. We are in the midst of another snow storm here, so I'm not sure when exactly I'll be able to venture out.

So.....on to some new things! Charge!


  1. Good news! The quilts look great individually but seeing them like that altogether is wonderful. You know the CA tulips piece is my favorite:)

  2. Congratulations Terri! The patterns are fabulous. Wishing you lots of sales!

  3. What a stunning collection of quilt panels
    Great work, and what a super way to end the year and I look forward to seeing what you bring to us this coming year

  4. These are really very great, Ter But I just daten't add one more thing to what I 'need' to do in 2011. And charge it is!

  5. Huge congrats! That is so exciting!!

    auntie jude

  6. Growin' Flowers are each and all beautiful. They look so happy! Be safe in your snow storm weather. Happy, safe, and healthy celebrating this new year 2011...

  7. I want to order it right the gradient fabric so I'll wait till the kit is posted!!! Thanks sop much for the gorgeous patterns.

  8. Very pretty Terri - I loved watching these 'grow' together.


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