Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun Weekend

I was able to do a lot of creative work this weekend. I quilted and I painted. I continued my free-motion quilting on the Indian Orange Peel quilt and if you remember a few days ago, I shared with you how I quilted the center area of each of the 25 blocks. Here is a photo of how I did all the arcs on the blocks.

I now have all 25 blocks quilted. Now I need to quilt the two borders, one is narrow and the other wider. As I write this post, I have no clues as to the design I will quilt, so I need to start thinking.

When I wasn't quilting this weekend I was having fun painting favorite thing to paint. Up first is a small painting I did on a canvas panel.

6" x 6" Canvas Panel

And this next painting is the second one in the Squinty Cat series. I loved how the first one turned out so thought I'd do another. I'm hoping to paint up a whole family of Squinty Cats.

Squinty Cat 2
10" x 10" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I've put these two kitty paintings in my Etsy Shop along with a couple of other paintings I finished recently.


  1. Terri, I just love your "squinty kitties"!
    Beautiful quilting too. Looks like you had a fun and productive weekend!

  2. Your squinty kitties are adorable. Great series. I do like the colours in your Indian Orange Peel quilt.

  3. I once dated a guy named Fred. He was not nearly that cute!

  4. Your cats are adorable :) so fun and colorful

  5. I'd like to think that the cats are winking at me -- if you add some eyelashes to them, they could be Flirty Cats . . .

    I love the way you quilted the Orange Peel -- that's a great idea for quilting into small, connecting triangles without having to stop and start. Gotta try that!


  6. Really diggin that quilt plus those cutsie kitties!

    auntie jude

  7. Squinty Cat 2 has so much personality! I had a dog named Fred. I'm always amazed how prolific you are Terri.

  8. Wow, Terry, that block is amazing, is that your own design??

  9. It's official!!! I'm in love with Fred!! But I won't tell hubby yet, just in case it's infatuation!! Or should that be inCATuation!!
    Whatever it is, he's a mighty cute kitty!!

  10. Your little kitty paintings are wonderful, Terri


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