Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Creative Outlets

I'm still busy with the free-motion quilting on the panel quilt. I've got four panels just about completed.

Meanwhile, I'm finding that I need other creative outlets from the quilting. I have many other things I like to do, such as painting and dyeing. Both of which I have been sneaking in lately.

Last evening I painted this kitty.

Here he is checking out the flowers on my deck.

And here is some dyeing I started. Ahhhhh, lovely turquoise. This is a five-step gradation. They are soaking in water here.

How about you? Do you have more than one creative outlet?


  1. Let's hear it for alternate forms of art therapy!

  2. oh good! I thought I had ADD! 8^)

  3. I love your "Modigliani," cat!

  4. Ya....I creatively avoid housework LOL

  5. LOVE the kitty painting.

    I too have to have other creative outlets...and actually I find the diversity of other art dabbles enhances my creativity and helps stave off those dreaded creative ruts....most of the time:)

  6. Great kitty and wonderful dye colors!

    I find that I need four projects going at one time, each one at a different stage in the process. So I'm planning quilt #1, sewing quilt #2, quilting quilt #3, and finishing quilt #4. I keep wondering if life would be simpler if I just worked on one thing at a time . . .


  7. Sweet kitty. Love those whiskers!

    auntie jude

  8. Other creative outlets?

    Nope. Not me.

  9. Of course! All that stuff is so stressful you need a break now and then.

  10. Love the kitty.

    I have more than one creative outlet depending upon what season of the year it is :)

  11. nope, no other creative outlets for me either.


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