Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sketching and Quilting

I woke up early the other morning, unable to sleep anymore. It was still dark and quiet so I decided to quietly sit and sketch. I am behind on my Creative Cue words and so I sketched a couple of them. Up first is the cue word "arm".

The next cue word I sketched is "drink".

I am officially declaring this quilt finished. This is my Block of the Month quilt #1 from the Three Creative Studios BOM project. Here is an angle view. I don't know how well you can see any of the quilting.

Here is an overall view. Notice the inspection taking place. I hope I pass.

Gosh, even the underside is getting inspected. Now I'm nervous.

You may recall that I created the BOM quilt in two color versions. The other version I did is waiting patiently until next month. I have contacted a local long-arm quilter and she has put me on the waiting list. I'll share the finished quilt with you at a later date.


  1. Those "quilt judges" can be harsh, but if it's "soft, cozy and snuggly" I hear they give you good marks. ;)

  2. The quilt turned out great. I love the saw tooth border.

  3. Purple and yellow! The theme continues!

  4. You've done a great job, Terri. I'm sure I hear purring!

  5. Congrats for finishing the quilt. Love the kitty true.

  6. I love your inspector!

    And nice work on the cue words. I particularly like the one for arm, although if it were later in the day, maybe I'd choose the other one!

  7. Looks as though your quilt received a CAT scan . . . (I know, that was bad) and it appears that the quilt is in the best of health! It's a beautiful piece, Terri -- you must be pleased.


  8. Those cats can be harsh critics. I hope she went easy on you:)

    The quilt and sketches look good:)

  9. Gorgeous quilt! And such an adorable inspector! .... catching up with your other posts and enjoying your paintings!

  10. This quilt is so beautiful, Terri. The colors really look wonderful together. Hmmm - that inspector looks very comfortable!
    Great sketches, too!


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