Friday, July 9, 2010

Painting Again

I've been doing some painting in the past couple of days. This first face is one that I added to my repurposed music book/journal. One thing I'm finding is that as I paint on the pages in this book, they tend to curl. I think perhaps I should have glued a couple of pages together throughout the book to add some strength to each page. Oh well, live and learn, right?

This next face is one I added to a small repurposed children's board book that I'm painting in. I am not done with this spread as of yet. I want to add something to the background, just not sure yet what that something will be.

And these next two faces are painted on 4" x 4" mat board. I had cut them a long time ago for another project and these were left over and so I thought I should do something with them. All I have left to do on these is to sign them and give them a protective layer.

In other news, Vicki is planning a postcard swap over at Three Creative Studios and if you are interested, please let her know. Find more information about it here.


  1. Painting faces is certainly one of your many talents, Terri -- the expressions are beautiful and tender.


  2. ooh I really like the last one with the purple bubbles!

  3. GREAT faces. Really love the top one.

    auntie jude

  4. Love them all ... they look like they're dreaming up wonderful new art!


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