Friday, July 30, 2010

Creative Cues and a New Quilt Top

I've been slowly catching up with the Creative Cue words I haven't interpreted yet in my sketchbook. This week I made a lot of catch-up progress. The first photo is my interpretation of the cue word speak. This word was a tough one for me.

Creative Cue: Speak

Creative Cue: Nail

Creative Cue: Cloud

Creative Cue: Pink This is a purple coneflower that is growing in my garden. I am a bit puzzled why these are called "purple" as they appear much more pink to me. Anyway, this bloom is trying to be pink but can only get half way there. I seem to have a branch or two on my plant that has these types of booms...perhaps they are deformed.

Creative Cue: Book

And this is a new quilt top that I've been working on the past few days. It measures approximately 40" x 54" at this point. Now I need to get it layered and start quilting on it.


  1. The quilt is coming along great!

  2. The new quilt top looks wonderful. I love that strip of orange on the bottom - excellent balance for the fun flowers.

  3. The fine lines and colour gradations in the background are a perfect foil for those flowers. I like the band of read and orange across the bottom too!

  4. A very pretty quilt, Terri! I love your sketches - one of our new kittens (Rosie) reminds me of your cats. She has those round "cheeks"!! And they're white!

  5. love that nail sketch - too funny!

  6. That quilt is wonderful. I like how the flowers are "cut off" and kind of peeking through-sort of like cracks in the sidewalk and flowers coming up.

    Great sketches too. I always have a hard time coming up with ideas to represent words.

  7. Love this flower quilt! What about this half-pink flower as a design idea?

  8. Love the bold flowers on your new quilt!

  9. I think your flower must be a hybrid. You know only one or two kinds of cone flowers are true. Seed from hybrids may produce plants that are not the same as the parent plant. That could be what happened to yours.


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