Sunday, July 18, 2010

Creative Cue Catch Up

Here are a couple of sketches I did the other day. I'm still four or five cue words behind, but I hope to one day catch up. I am skipping around with the words I'm behind on because sometimes I come up with an idea for one of the words but not the other. I'm really at a loss at the moment as to what to sketch for the cue word "speak". So that one is still on the drawing board.

Here is my sketch for the cue word "market":

And here is my drawing for the cue word "road":

Hope your weekend was wonderful!


  1. love your market sketch Terri, I think that would make a great quilt!

  2. "Speak" makes me think of my attempts to get my dog to ask for a treat . . .

  3. . . . or a rooster speaking to the morning sun . . .

    . . . or the recalcitrant child surrounded by those waiting for an explanation . . .



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