Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Have you seen this fabric?  Is it lurking in your local quilt shop?  Do you have an unusually large cutting of this in your stash?

I recently got this fat eighth of fabric in a bundle of fabric I purchased from an online source.  I have fallen deeply in love with it and actually have a stack of coordinating fabrics started for a future quilt.  This fits in perfectly.  I contacted the online source to see if they had more, but sadly, it was not to be.  I also searched other online sites in hopes of finding it. (insert pout here)

So I'm asking you for your help.  If you know a quilt shop that has a bolt of this lurking on its shelves, I'd love to hear from you.  If you have some in your stash and would part with it, I'd love to hear from you.  I will purchase it, trade for it, or work up some kind of deal.

The fabric in question is a batik by Timeless Treasures and I don't know the name of the pattern or colorway.  The colors in it are beige-ish leaves surrounded by golden oranges and olive greens.


  1. We're stopping at Fabric Depot after quilt group today. If I remember, I'll look for it. It looks like a batik.

  2. gorgeous fabric! Sorry, can't help but I'll kep my eyes open.

  3. Try Hancock's website:

    2 fabrics in this listing look very similar.

  4. Beautiful fabric. I don't recall seeing this before. I hope you can find more.

    You may also want to post on I've had great luck with this source. Have actually found home based stores that had my fabric and sold it cheaper than what I paid for my original yardage!


  5. Try seawatch fabrics:

    I think it is Kansas Elm or Kansas something?

  6. you can also try the fabric search machine at

    I put in "timeless batik gold" as the search parameter and saw something that might be the same...

  7. Post on Missing Fabrics and you never know someone might have some.
    I've had great success.

  8. Gorgeous but I don't have it. has TONS of batiks and you can shop online.


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