Friday, February 5, 2010

That's Odd!

This week's Creative Cue word is "odd". After thinking about what to draw for a few days, I came up with the following.

Some time ago I got a great sketchbook from my good friend Sue. She makes fabulous books! So I finally decided to get busy and use this great book.

So here are the first four pages in the book. I've been creating fairly quick sketches which I then go over in pen and gray markers.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend.


  1. What a nice cover. I'm liking your sketches; pencil, then a bit more permanent. Great!

  2. Your sketches are wonderful. ODD is not at all but very beautiful. Keep creating...

  3. Fun to see your new sketchbook. Lovely sketches. Of course, I'm particularly fond of the one with the cat!


  4. Oh, how I wish my sketches could look like these . . . they're so whimsical and artful.


  5. I like the clean, confident lines on your sketches.
    And your interpretation of odd is really sweet!

  6. I gotta say that it's pretty cool seeing you using the book I made :)

  7. Wow - I wish someday one of my sketchbooks could look so good!

    I'm behind in reading the blogs I love to follow ... congratulations on your quilt being accepted to the Lancaster show!

    And your 'Time for Tea' quilt is gorgeous!

  8. What a fantastic sketch book - I really like the pattern on the cover. And your sketches are wonderful - thanks for letting us take a peek at your drawings.

  9. That's a far cry from what my sketchbook looks like, LOL. Love the bird !


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