Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quilt Progress

Yesterday I made some progress on the pink/green quilt. I got all the square in a square blocks done.

And then I was able to start on the cream sashing in between each block.

And then I came to a screeching halt. I ran out of cream fabric. So guess what I did today? I went to the quilt shop and got some more. I also picked out a fabric for the binding that is from the same line of fabric. I also picked up some more batting. Oh and then I saw they had gotten some new batiks in and two of them really caught my this the same way it goes for you at the quilt shop?


  1. exactly think I need blinkers!


  2. Some more accidents are needed, then it will be perfect.

  3. Are you kidding! That's exactly the way the stash gets built up.

    For my bday this year, my dad sent me a $100 gift certificate from a fabric shop. I spent $98.99 in about an

    I got half yards from 21 different fabrics. Need? hahahahahahaha

  4. It's looking beautiful - love the colours!

  5. No comment !!! What I do in the quilt shop...stays in the quilt shop. Lovely colors you're working with though.

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun, Terri! I hope you enjoyed yourself and came away with more great goodies!

  7. Matter of fact, just about 2 hours ago. Went for binding, came home with 3 other pretty batiks. I am a batikaholic, I think. Love your new quilt.


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